Rowan County Community Fund

Rowan County Community Fund

Rowan County Community Fund

Rowan County Community Fund

What is A
Community Fund?

The Community Fund is a permanent charitable resource designed to support local causes and organizations. Through individual donations – large and small – a local advisory board is able to make grants to meet the needs and vision of the community. We partner with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to make Woodford County a better place to live, learn, work and play.


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If you would like to learn more about our community funds or to start a fund of your own, please contact Jane Higgins at

Spotlight: Doing Good
In Woodford County

There is something special about Woodford County … something different … something unique. We are rooted to pride in our past, yet we lean with purpose toward our future. We treasure the environment around us and are committed to living within it respectfully. We put the care of an artisan into crafting our horses, our bourbon, our products, and our services. With the Woodford County Community Fund, we are coming together to reach our vision of a community that continues to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the natural resources which make Woodford County unique. It is a vision that will create an economic vitality that builds on and enhances the unique quality of place in Woodford County. It is a vision for Woodford County that can only be achieved when all of us work together to create the Woodford County for all our tomorrows. The mission of the Woodford County Community Fund is to grow an endowment that enables us to nurture our youth, care for each other, and care for our community as our legacy for the future. The Woodford County Community Fund embraces these values as guides for our work:

  • To be accountable to our community and transparent in how we manage and use our resources.
  • To build partnerships with public and private groups so that together we can do more for Woodford County.
  • To empower residents, especially our youth, to be advocates for creative ways to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunities in Woodford County.
  • To encourage a sense of responsibility and contribution to community well-being among all residents and organizations.
Although not born here, Woodford County is my home. The Woodford County Community Fund lets me give a grateful ‘Thank You!’ for the opportunities and wonderful life that my home has given me.

Board of

  • sandi bromagen
  • Kyle Fannin
  • lori garkovich
  • joe graviss
  • judy Korby
  • natalie henton lyster
  • helen rentch
  • Brenda Richards
  • Elizabeth Roach
  • Courtney Roberts
  • Susie Stivers


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