The Tempur Sealy Foundation, a corporate advised fund at BGCF, pledged a gift of $2 million to support a pediatric sleep center at UK’s Kentucky Children’s Hospital. 

January 7, 2022Donor Stories

A third of a child’s life is spent sleeping, and the connection between quality rest and adequate emotional, physical and mental growth is clear. But 25% of children have a sleep disorder, which can lead to other long-term health problems, such as inattentiveness in school, obesity, behavioral issues and a higher risk of depression.  

Often, the effects of sustained sleep deficits are reversible if caught early, and Tempur Sealy Foundation’s gift aims to help make those interventions possible for more children.  

The new Tempur Sealy Pediatric Sleep Center will be staffed by pediatric sleep experts, making it one of just a few sleep centers in Kentucky that accept children as patients. 

Tempur Sealy Chairman and CEO Scott Thompson commented, “As a global leader in sleep-related products and the world’s largest mattress manufacturer, we know very well how important a good night of sleep is to overall health and wellness. Our organization is passionate about supporting our communities, particularly children in need.” 

“A well-rested child is a happy, healthy child. This gift from the Tempur Sealy Foundation will go a long way in helping us treat our most vulnerable patients at a critical point in their lives,” said Dr. Scottie B. Day, physician-in-chief at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.  

“Tempur Sealy’s generous gift shows how important corporate philanthropy can be to improving the quality of life in our community,” said Scott Fitzpatrick, VP/Advancement. “BGCF is here to help create more generosity and is happy to work with businesses of all sizes that want to make their giving easier and more impactful.” 

The mission of the Tempur Sealy Foundation is to better the lives of children and families in need. Since its launch in 2017, the foundation has donated more than $2.7 million to charities that support this mission. Learn more about the Tempur Sealy Foundation at  

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