Here Today, But Not Gone Tomorrow

July 28, 2020

For nonprofits focused on fiscal responsibility, diversified funding streams and the long-term sustainability of their mission, there’s no better strategy than establishing a nonprofit endowment at BGCF.

Nonprofit endowment funds are permanent charitable assets that provide an ongoing source of income. Annually, these funds produce a spendable amount, typically 5%, that provides an unrestricted grant to the nonprofit. The corpus of the fund is invested in a diversified portfolio to provide for longterm growth.

Endowments are especially critical during unstable times. They can make all the difference when it comes to surviving a tough economy.

“Our endowment with Blue Grass Community Foundation serves as a continual source of funding that extends the benefit of every donation,” said Sharon Price, executive director of the Community Action Council, an agency on the frontlines of providing aid to those affected by the coronavirus. “It’s an opportunity for our donors and friends to invest in us, so that we can continue to support our neighbors, especially in tough economic times like these.”

Laura Guerrant, executive director of CASA of the Bluegrass, which recruits and trains advocates for child victims of abuse and neglect in the family courts, said, “The payout from our endowment has supported critical services during the pandemic. In an environment of fundraising uncertainty, these dollars have been essential. Being local, BGCF has a finger on the pulse of the needs of our community, and the staff does all they can to assist us!”

Endowments are especially attractive to donors who want their gifts to continue to make a difference long after their own lifetimes. BGCF has the expertise to work with donors of all means to help them leave a meaningful legacy for nonprofits they are passionate about. And, the Community Foundation is able to accept all types of assets, including stock, IRA charitable rollover contributions, and real estate.

With more than 50 years of experience working within our community’s nonprofits, BGCF is uniquely positioned to help nonprofits create, manage and grow endowments that meet their goals for today and tomorrow.

To learn more about establishing an endowment for your nonprofit, contact Gift Planning Officer Halee Cunningham.