Enriching Madison County’s History and Hope

October 16, 2023Community Funds, Donor Stories, Green Spaces and Public Places

Woods Chevrolet. Madison Garage. Low’s Discount Drug. The Teen Club. Macie’s Upholstery Shop. Eastern School of Hair Design. Andy’s Pizza Palace. Cherry’s. The Cherry Pit.

If you’ve lived in Richmond, Kentucky between 1915 and 2023, the building standing at 110 South Second Street has likely played a role in your community experience. For decades, the building has been home to a rotation of staple businesses and as of August 2023, a new staple was added to the long list of Madison County history.

Enrich, a new nonprofit that assists those in active addiction recovery find employment and additional resources, purchased the famed building to utilize the space for this endeavor. Couple Daniel and India Kirstein founded Enrich after noticing the need for a change in their community.

“Dan spent a few years working as a night shift police officer and I worked in foster care,” said Kirstein. “We saw people struggling and we felt a burden that ‘someone’ needed to do something. Eventually, God answered our prayers by showing us we were the people who needed to do something more.”

Once the building was purchased, the organization wanted to find a way to honor the history of the beloved building and to honor those the Richmond Community has lost. “The community of Richmond desperately wants to help their fellow community members,” said Kirstein. “It’s something very evident and beautiful in this community.”

That’s when the Madison County Community Fund (MCCF) stepped in. “Enrich has captured the values of Richmond, Madison County, and the Community Fund,” said David Shew of MCCF. “We’re thrilled the opportunity fell into place to invest in a mural on Enrich’s building that educates visitors and community members on the history of our city.”

The MCCF put forward $8,000—the total cost of the mural—reminding the community that Richmond has been, and continues to be, a place that loves and cares for their neighbors.

Artist Elias Reynolds was commissioned to design a mural honoring previous businesses housed in the new Enrich building. “I wanted the mural design to pay tribute to the building’s past,” said Reynolds. “Enrich is breathing new life into this building, just like they’re breathing new life into our community through their mission.”

Blue Grass Community Foundation’s network of endowed community funds seeks to improve the quality of life in their geography. The Madison County Community Fund believes this support of Enrich is a great step in improving the quality of life in Richmond.

“The Madison County Community Fund’s Advisory Board was so excited to be a part of the revitalization of a historic building and support this nonprofit,” said BGCF’s Director of Community Advancement, Jane Higgins. “Investing in your community fund can create a never-ending source of support for projects and change, so we always encourage making your community fund one of your charitable options!”