Rowan County Community Fund

Rowan County Community Fund

Rowan County Community Fund

Rowan County Community Fund

What is a
Community Fund?

The Community Fund is a permanent charitable resource designed to support local causes and organizations. Through individual donations – large and small – a local advisory board is able to make grants to meet the needs and vision of the community. We partner with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to make Rowan County a better place to live, learn, work and play.


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Spotlight: Doing Good
In Rowan CountY

In April 2014, the RCCFG announced it was accepting applications from nonprofit organizations in Rowan County for the distribution of its first $5,000 on grants. This money came to the RCCF as a challenge grant from ARC and the Appalachia Rural Development Philanthropy Initiative – ARDPI for reaching its goal of $10,000 for the Rowan County Community Fund permanent endowment fund.

The two funded projects were Cave Run Lake Disc Golf Course and the Rowan County Farmers Market Structure. Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in America. The course is expected to be a huge success amongst locals and tourist. “This is going to be a great activity for everyone in the community,” said Frankie Spencer, member of the Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy. “It's a great game and everyone can participate."*

The Farmers Market Structure will provide a safe and more usable place for the selling and buying of produce. “We decided last year that we really needed to build a structure for the market,” said Ronnie Crisp, president of the Farmers Market building committee. “We really need to accommodate our farmers to protect them from the weather."* The new structure is located at the corner of Wilkinson Boulevard (US 60) and Bridge Street and is 24 feet by 60 feet. It will allow the market to continue holding up to ten vendors.

According to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentuckians want to buy more local foods for their families. It is stated that they appreciate the experience of buying directly from those who grew the produce.

As the endowed fund grows, it will provide the much needed resources to help meet Rowan County’s charitable needs by supporting more projects or transformational initiatives.

Click here to learn all about what's going on in Rowan County!

More than 30 communities have started the application process to become a Trail Town and are working with the Office of Adventure Tourism in the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet.

Board of

  • Ryan Neff, chair
  • Ashley Adkins
  • Gabe Brown
  • Aron Caudill
  • Brenda Cherry
  • Tom Creahan
  • Betty Cutts
  • Tom Lewis
  • Saundra Newton
  • Veronica norwood
  • Tom Lewis




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