Press Forward Lexington

Democracy flourishes when people have access to reliable information.

Today, we’re experiencing a crisis in news and information. As local newsrooms have disappeared across America, communities have witnessed fading civic engagement, eroding social bonds, surging misinformation, and dwindling governmental accountability.

That’s why a coalition of funders is taking action.

Press Forward is a new, national philanthropic initiative led by the MacArthur Foundation and Knight Foundation to strengthen communities by reinvigorating local news, with plans to inject $600 million into the local news ecosystem.

Press Forward Lexington

Press Forward Lexington is one of the 17 Local Chapters of the national Press Forward initiative. It is structured as an initiative and collective giving fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Local Press Forward Chapters are designed to galvanize funding and support for local news at the local level. Press Forward Local Chapters are eligible for limited funding from Press Forward national.

BGCF established Press Forward Lexington for three purposes:

  1. To build stronger partnerships and collaborations in Lexington’s local news ecosystem.
  2. To inform and engage local donors and funders about the importance of investing in the local news ecosystem.
  3. To open up the possibility that national Press Forward funding could make its way to Lexington.