Whatever your philanthropic goals, the Community Foundation has the flexibility and the tools to help you reach them.

Your Fund:  Endowed or Non-Endowed

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are for those who want to give today and long into the future. These funds enable you to set up a permanent endowment for the benefit of the causes you are passionate about. Each year, a percentage of your fund is available to be granted to the nonprofits you choose. Our prudent investment strategy will ensure that your fund will be making an impact today and in perpetuity.

Get Information on our endowed fund spending policy.

Get Information on our investment policy.

Non-Endowed Funds

Non-endowed funds are for those who desire to have the maximum flexibility in the timing of their giving. These funds may be invested or held in cash, and you’ll be able to make grants of any amount whenever you choose.

Grants Made by Your Fund:

Donor Advised, Designated, Corporate Advised or Field of Interests

Donor Advised:

This option offers you the most flexibility in the direction of each grant from your fund. You may decide to give to causes related to health and education today, but decide to support efforts for disaster recovery and social welfare tomorrow. No matter what causes ignite your passion, you can support them all from your donor advised fund.


This option offers you the simplicity of choosing specific nonprofit organizations that your fund will support. If you have defined giving goals, this option will help you achieve them by permanently supporting the nonprofits you determine when you establish your fund.

Corporate Advised:

With a single gift, your company can easily launch or grow its philanthropy program.

We can create a customized corporate philanthropy program for your business and your employees. The flexibility of our service delivery means your company can outsource its entire charitable giving program, or just a portion of it for expert management and maximum impact.

Field of Interest:

This option offers you the advantage of choosing a field of charitable work that you care about, without determining a specific nonprofit to support. For instance, your field of interest may be to support literacy programs in your hometown or to support animal rescue groups. This option helps to focus the mission of your giving, without limiting the specific organizations you can support.


Minimum to Establish $10,000 None $50,000
Annual Grants Payout Up to 6% Unlimited Up to 4.5%
Fee to Establish None None None
Community Support Fee 1% ($250 annual minimum) 1% ($250 annual minimum) 1.5%
Investment Earnings Yes Yes Yes
Fund Advisors Family, friends or advisor(s) named by donor Family, friends or advisor(s) named by donor Family, friends or advisor(s) named by donor
Additions to the Fund Allowed anytime Allowed anytime Allowed anytime

*Options include: donor advised, field of interest or designated fund



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