Open a Fund

Opening a charitable fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation is a simple, quick process. Our staff of professionals will walk you through every step when you’re ready to get started.

Benefits of opening a charitable fund at the Community Foundation.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose your fund type

We have several different fund types to match your giving goals. First, decide whether you want your fund to be endowed, benefiting the causes you care about today and long into the future, or non-endowed, providing the ultimate flexibility for giving now. Next, choose a fund type to support your individual passions, whether they are specific to one charity, or more broadly focused on a field of interest. Learn more about our fund types.

Step 2: Complete a fund agreement

Our staff will work with you to complete a fund agreement for your new charitable fund. We will personalize it to meet your charitable goals. You decide on a name for your fund and who will be the fund advisors, which are the people with authority to make grants from your fund.

Step 3: Give to your new fund

Giving to your new charitable fund is easy! Most funds are established with cash, but your fund is able to accept all kinds of gifts, from securities to real estate. You will receive the maximum tax deduction allowed by law for your gift and we will handle all the transaction details. Get more information on what you can give.

Now for the fun part—giving to your new charitable fund! Once your fund is set up, you are ready to start making a difference in your community! You can recommend grants to the causes you care about—creating an impact to improve the quality of life in your region. Your new charitable fund is the starting place for making your visions for giving real.




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