Statement of Financial Position

June 30, 2018

Cash and cash equivalents $8,094,397
Certificates of deposit $478,258
Investments $113,566,275
Grants receivable & pledges & planned gifts $3,958,518
Property and equipment, net $628,182
Total Assets $126,725,630
Liabilities and Net Assets
Custodial Funds $13,515,404
Note Payable $519,325
Accounts Payable $16,185
Total Liabilities $14,050,914
Net Assets $112,674,716
Total Liabilites and Net Assets $126,725,630


Assets managed by the Community Foundation may be either held in cash and cash equivalents or invested in an investment pool. The investment pools contain a diversified mix of assets with a focus on steady growth over time, with consideration for the preservation of capital for our permanently endowed funds. Our investment pool is managed by an external investment manager, Mason Investment Advisory Services. Mason is a leader in investment management for the nonprofit sector. We also have a seasoned Investment Committee that oversees our investment management process and overall investment strategy. Charitable funds may also elect to keep their own personal investment advisor to manage the assets of the fund.

Financial Reporting

Download the Community Foundation’s most recently filed IRS Form 990s and other publically available financials.


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