Professionals who partner with us appreciate the wide selection of financial and philanthropic options and opportunities we make available to them and their clients. Because we understand that charitable intent and charitable investment strategies are uniquely personal for every donor, we help you guide your clients by providing sound advice based on their unique financial status, tax status and giving goals.

What types of charitable funds might a client establish?

We offer several different fund types to match your clients’ giving goals. You can help them decide whether they want their fund to be endowed, benefiting the causes they care about today and long into the future, or non-endowed, providing the ultimate flexibility for giving now.

Based on that decision, they can choose a fund type to support their charitable passions, whether they are specific to one nonprofit or more broadly focused on a field of interest.

What kinds of assets can be used to open a charitable fund?

Donors interested in current giving can select from a broad range of assets—from cash to mutual funds, real estate to closely held stock.



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