Our Legacy

At Blue Grass Community Foundation, we’re in it for good.

What drives our work is the unwavering belief that, like our founders, the Suliers, individuals can make a powerful impact. And we believe in the power of the multiplier effect—knowing that the greatest impact for good can come when committed individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses all work together for the common good. When the power of one becomes the strength of many, the entire community benefits.

What We Do

We Listen

We help donors find meaningful opportunities to use their passion for good. So we start by asking, “What’s important to you?” We listen. Then we work together to establish a charitable fund to support the causes that matter most to you.

We Make Charitable Giving Easy

By providing every donor personalized service and flexible giving opportunities, we make charitable giving and grantmaking easy and effective. So, for example, if you need information about a specific cause you wish to support, or you need help identifying pressing community issues, we can help. We provide the guidance and research you may need to make informed giving decisions. Plus we handle all the administrative and fund management details, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

We Provide Leadership

Along with donor service, another key role of the Community Foundation is to provide leadership on important community concerns that affect us all. We act as a catalyst to bring diverse donors and community partners together around issues to share their concerns, their experience and their vision to achieve common goals.

We’re in it For Good

The future of our community lies in the hands of many individuals, nonprofits and businesses, not just a few. We are dedicated to building a stronger community for us all. Over the years, your gift of endowment will do more good than you ever dreamed possible.



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