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Blue Grass Community Foundation offers you a convenient, simple way to organize your charitable giving so that you can make strategic, informed decisions about where and when you give.

Blue Grass Community Foundation is where people go to give—of their passion, money and ideas—to enhance the quality of life in Central and Appalachia Kentucky. We help individuals, families, businesses, communities and nonprofit organizations establish charitable funds, guide their resources to support causes they care about, meet community needs and make a difference.


How We Work

Blue Grass Community Foundation is a public charity overseen by a volunteer board of community leaders and run by professionals who are experts in local philanthropy with backgrounds in law, finance, accounting, charitable grantmaking and scholarships. In addition, we convene community leaders and volunteers to help people come together to have the greatest collective impact for good.

Blue Grass Community Foundation is part of a network of nationally accredited foundations that meet the standards for operational quality, donor service and accountability in the community foundation sector. The Community Foundation is in compliance with the National Standards of U.S. Community Foundations Program administered by the Council on Foundations, a network of more than 2,000 grantmaking foundations worldwide.

"Blue Grass Community Foundation is dedicated to the idea that one person can make a powerful impact…but we also know that we make the greatest impact when we work together.”
John Hall, Former Chairman of the Board

What It Means to You

As a community foundation, we are experts in local philanthropy. We know and understand the current needs of the communities we serve. In addition to allowing you to give to any and every charitable cause that you care about, including your alma mater and place of worship, we offer the opportunity to work together with other like-minded donors to accomplish a shared philanthropic vision. Blue Grass Community Foundation is a place to collaborate, a place to learn about local needs, a place to share individual passions—a true community of people dedicated to improving the quality of life in our region.

Organizing your giving through a charitable fund also provides you many practical benefits. Opening a charitable fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation provides you the ultimate flexibility in timing your annual giving, without the pressure of a looming tax year-end. Plus, you can streamline your recordkeeping, eliminating the ongoing task of tracking receipts. At the Community Foundation, we can help you plan for future giving, including passing on your legacy of philanthropy to your children and grandchildren.

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