Welcome to your new Fundholder experience!

Blue Grass Community Foundation is excited to announce a new fundholder portal to provide our fundholders with an improved user experience! 

We have created this reference to introduce the basics of the new Fundholder Portal. We’re confident this tool will be valuable to our fundholders and help us to continue providing excellent customer service and advance our mission of inspiring philanthropy across Central and Appalachia Kentucky.

1. Establish your password

You will receive an email from Blue Grass Community Foundation with a custom invitation link to create your account in the donor portal. Once you click on the invitation link in the email, you will be prompted to create a password of your choice. We recommend using random words, capital letters, numbers, and/or special characters to keep your account secure.

Note: If you did not receive an email to access the system but would like a password, please contact BGCF staff.

2. Navigating the portal


Visit https://bgcf.fcsuite.com/erp/fundmanager from any web browser or device to access the portal. Sign in with your unique username and password.

For Individuals Who Advise Multiple Funds

Please note if you are an advisor to multiple funds, you will see a “Choose Fund” menu. Choose a fund you wish to review.


The tabs at the top of the page display the different features available to you as a fundholder. Your homepage is a quick snapshot of your fund’s most recent activity. It will show you your fund’s current balance, a list of all your fund advisors and fund representatives, recent contributions into the fund, and recent grants paid out from the fund.

Fund Contributions

This tab shows all donations made to your fund. Clicking on the contributor’s name will bring up their history of contributions including date of gift, type, and amount. To download a full list of contributions to your fund, you can click on the export tab and the system will create an excel spreadsheet of this history.


This tab shows a summary of all grantees to which your fund as made awards with the number a total awarded amount to each. It also shows a history of individual grants awarded form your fund, including date, organization name, purpose, and amount.

To download a full list of grants from your fund, you can click on the export tab and the system will create an excel spreadsheet of this history.

Recommend a Grant

You will use this tab to recommend a grant from your fund. This contains the grant recommendation form, along with a list of previously recommended grants from the fund with the status of each. Please note that this tab is only available to those users who have permission to make recommendations from the fund.

Complete instructions on Recommending a Grant can be accessed by viewing the videos below:

Fund Statements

This tab shows your fund’s monthly fund statements. Next to the summary you wish to review, click print, and the system will generate a PDF in a new window that you may view, save, or print.


This tab will show any visible documents regarding your fund, such as a fund agreement.

Tax Receipts

This tab allows you the generate a charitable tax receipt for contributions that you have made to your fund.

Need more help?

Login Process & Portal Features Instructional Video