You want to simplify your charitable giving. We can help.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Local Understanding – As a regional organization firmly planted in Central and Appalachia Kentucky, we offer donors a truly local perspective of emerging trends, best practices and latest community needs.
  • Personal Service – We build relationships with our donors to understand what inspires them and match them with opportunities to make a lasting impact
  • Wise Investment – Our investment strategies are aimed at growing our shared resources to broaden our donors’ impact and ensure our funds for community needs never run out.
  • Simplified Giving – We manage all aspects of your fund for you, including keeping track of your donations for tax purposes. Whether you make 1 or 1,000 grants, all your grantmaking activities will be reported on a consolidated IRS Form 990.

Start a Fund

We have more than 800 funds of all sizes created by individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits who care about Central and Appalachia Kentucky. Learn how easy it is to open your own fund and make a greater impact with your charitable giving.

Legacy Giving

There are a variety of options for continuing your charitable giving beyond your lifetime. Learn more about how we can help you can leave a philanthropic legacy that provides lasting support to the causes that matter to you.

Corporate Giving

We offer several strategies for businesses of any size that want to give back to the community and help their employees and their families. Learn more about how we can help your business create a charitable giving plan.

Advisor Toolkit

If you’re an accountant, attorney or financial advisor who works with charitable clients, we can provide you with strategies to help them meet their philanthropic goals. Learn more our professional advisor services.

Private Foundations

We offer numerous beneficial strategies to private foundations to leverage our infrastructure and expertise in charitable giving. Private foundations can become aligned with the Community Foundation in several ways.

  • Converting a private foundation into a donor advised fund allows the fund to continue supporting the causes important to the foundation, without the burdensome administrative costs, IRS disclosure requirements, complex regulations and excise tax payments associated with a private foundation.
    Advantages of converting a private foundation to a donor advised fund.
  • Establish a donor advised fund to hold the private foundation’s mandatory 5% annual payout to ensure grantmaking is strategic and not done solely to meet the 5% requirement. Then, grants can be made from the charitable fund when the timing is right, and we handle all the grant processing.
  • Create a supporting organization to accomplish your private foundation’s complex giving goals while receiving administrative benefits and exercising autonomy. A supporting organization is a subsidiary of the Community Foundation that has its own charitable status, board of directors, bylaws, investment policies and grant priorities. Through its close connection to the Community Foundation, a supporting organization is conferred public charity status and enjoys all the associated tax benefits.
  • Utilize the customized services of the Community Foundation to gain access to our staff’s strategic grantmaking and philanthropic planning services, purpose and structure consultations, due diligence, and administration services crucial to day-to-day foundation work.