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The Community Foundation supports local nonprofits providing vital services by building and endowing charitable resources to support their missions, and connecting them with donors passionate about the cause they’re serving. We appreciate the work of our nonprofit partners and provide many ways for people to contribute. More than 100 nonprofit organizations have entrusted us to grow and preserve permanent endowments for their agencies. Through our online initiative, Kentucky Nonprofit Directory, we are helping donors find, learn and connect to Kentucky nonprofits.


Nonprofit Endowment Funds within the Community Foundation give nonprofit organizations an opportunity to safeguard charitable funds to ensure the future of their work. Creating this "charitable savings account" provides nonprofits operational support now and for years to come.

A Nonprofit Endowment Fund will:

  • Protect an organization's endowed monies to meet its future needs
  • Provide a constant source of annual income
  • Demonstrate the organization's long-range financial planning to prospective donors
  • Increase investment yield, as endowments are pooled with our other funds to provide maximum return and lower fees due to the size of the total investment


Visit our Kentucky Nonprofit Directory to learn more about all of the local nonprofit organizations you can support. 



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