GoodGiving Challenge: Giving with your BGCF Donor Advised Fund

It’s now even easier for Blue Grass Community Foundation Fundholders to donate directly from their fund by using the website. You will not contact BGCF staff with your GoodGiving donation requests, but instead have the convenience of making your donations directly on the website.

Please note that for the purposes of any matching opportunities, all DAF donations will be accounted for using the date/time that the donor initially enters them on the website. 

How do I make a donation using my BGCF Donor Advised Fund?

1. Visit

2. Search for the participating organizations you want to support, select the amount you want to donate and add the gift to your cart. Either proceed to checkout or add more donations to your cart.

3. Please note: it’s best to continue as “Guest” during checkout if giving using your BGCF donor advised fund. No need to login to, or create, a profile on!

4. At checkout, in the Payment Method dropdown menu, select “Donor Advised Fund” and type in the name of your BGCF DAF.

5. DAF donations do not assess any fees, so uncheck the box “Cover Fees: Would you like to increase your donation by 5.3% to help offset the fees of processing your gift?” 

6. After clicking Complete Donation, you will be shown a confirmation page and will receive an email confirmation that the DAF donation has been received and is under review.

7. Once your DAF submission has been reviewed and BGCF confirms that the DAF has sufficient funds for the requested donations, you will receive a confirmation email.  If your DAF has insufficient funds and the transaction cannot be approved, a representative from BGCF will reach out to you.

8. Once the DAF donation is approved by BGCF, the nonprofit will be notified and the donation will appear within the nonprofit’s donation list and the donation total will be added to the nonprofit’s total.

Please note that DAF donations to the GoodGiving Challenge will no longer be processed by emailing a request to BGCF staff.  All donations must be made through the website. 

For questions, please contact Kristen Tidwell.