(RE)Imagining Cheapside

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In the fall of 2017, two Confederate monuments located at the old Fayette County Courthouse and Cheapside—the site of an African-American slave auction block—were removed. This was a result of both recent and long-standing efforts of a wide range of forward-thinking Lexingtonians. Now we have an opportunity to reimagine an inclusive public square reflective of contemporary values. (RE)IMAGINING CHEAPSIDE is a placemaking project intended to build inclusion and healing into the site. Blue Grass Community Foundation is proud to be a partner in this initiative along with the city of Lexington, Hensley Agency - State Farm Insurance and Take Back Cheapside community organizers. Together with internationally recognized author and placemaker Jay Pitter, the following placemaking initiatives are being undertaken:

The recent Public Storytelling Walks featured the painful and under-told history related to Cheapside while celebrating wonderful contributions made by African-Americans. Additional walks celebrated a wide range of Lexingtonians who contribute to making our city a great place to live.

A farmer unearths his passion for food justice working in a collective urban garden.
A local leader retraces his steps up the fire escape of a formerly segregated movie theatre.
Artists transform the streets into a canvas exploring beauty and interconnectedness.
A family invites us into their living room to share how opening personal space strengthens neighborhood bonds.

We would like to thank the Knight Foundation and the Knight Foundation Donor Advised Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation for generously helping to underwrite these events.

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