Neighborhoods energized and growing. A community made healthy and strong. 

A city that is engaged and connected from end to end. These are just a few of our goals for Lexington.

At Blue Grass Community Foundation, we know big ideas can spring from small conversations and people invest in what they help create. When we come together as a community to listen to and learn from each other, we have the power to impact both neighborhoods and lives. 

One of our most successful commnunity engagement initiatives was On the Table, introduced to Lexington on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

On the Table is an opportunity to gather around a table with friends, neighbors, colleagues and maybe even a few people we are meeting for the first time to talk about the issues, big and small, that impact our quality of life and that of the city. When we talk about our experiences in Lexington and listen to others, we connect and learn about what matters to all of us.

The issues we face today don’t often offer quick fixes. On the contrary, progress will only result when residents, organizations, businesses and government work together to make contributions that add up to a greater solution than we can achieve on our own. At the Community Foundation, we believe in the power of conversation to clarify, energize and organize people to do good things.


We’re proud to support local citizens who have come together to make an impact on the community in which we live. Along with the Community Foundation, neighborhood and community volunteers are working to ensure that the proud heritage of this community is preserved as a historic gem for the entire city of Lexington.

“My promise to the community is this: Blue Grass Community Foundation will continue to listen. We will work to provide leadership, create partnerships and engage everyone who wants to help.”  Lisa Adkins, CEO


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