Woodford County

The Woodford County Community Fund is a permanent charitable resource that supports local causes and organizations.  

A local advisory board puts donations of all sizes to good use by making grants to meet the needs and vision of the community. They partner with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to make Woodford County a better place to live, learn, work and play. 

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Give what you can.

We encourage you to donate now and make a gift that supports Woodford County in perpetuity. We accept a wide range of assets, providing you the ultimate flexibility in charitable giving. 

Woodford County Community Conversations

In June, Woodford County Community Fund and Woodford County Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored Community Conversations – guided conversations to encourage participants to see old problems from new angles, to see solutions in our challenges, and to explore new possibilities.  The results of these conversations have been compiled, and are available HERE.  For more information, please contact Scott Fitzpatrick at [email protected]

Your donation may be eligible for a tax credit! Learn more about the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit

Board of Advisors

  • Joe Graviss, Chair
  • Judy Korby, Vice Chair
  • Christopher Goode, Secretary
  • Hanzly Albina
  • Margie Cleveland
  • Dory Dale
  • Lori Garkovich
  • Dan Rosenberg
  • Bob Rouse
  • Melissa Tomblin

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