We are Listening. We are Learning.

True and lasting justice for all will require equal parts soul-searching, a commitment to changing old ways of thinking, reconciliation and healing.

At Blue Grass Community Foundation, we recognize the importance of conversations with diverse members of our community, asking how we can be better and truly listening to our neighbors. That’s why we introduced On the Table to Lexington in 2017 and continued to convene our community in civic dialogue every year since. Last year, our conversations focused on fostering inclusion and belonging in our city. We learned that inequity and the pain of racism run deep through our community. Youth and adults across our region agree that racism and social justice are among the most important issues our community needs to address.

Justice does not occur on its own. It requires vigilance and hard work. There is a lifetime of work to do. And while we are blessed to stand on the shoulders of the many community leaders whose work resulted in real progress, it is now our privilege to continue this work to address anti-black racism and advance social justice.

We can be better. We must be better. As Atticus Finch reminded us, justice requires us to walk in someone else’s shoes. By connecting to causes we care about through volunteer service or charitable giving, we can’t help but expand our horizons and awaken more deeply to the needs of others.

The Community Foundation will continue to listen and learn as we convene, inspire, facilitate and serve as a catalyst for action. When we listen to each other, learn from one another and fight for positive change, powerful transformation can be achieved. Blue Grass Community Foundation is committed to being part of the change needed to create a future with equal opportunity for all.

“My promise to the community is this: Blue Grass Community Foundation will continue to listen and learn. We will work to provide leadership, create partnerships and engage everyone who wants to help.”  

Lisa Adkins, CEO