Lexington Black Prosperity Initiative

In the summer of 2020, Blue Grass Community Foundation’s board of directors created a charitable fund to advance racial equity and address anti-Black racism.

“We are living in a deeply unsettling and transformational moment in our nation’s history,” said Fran Taylor, chair of BGCF’s board of directors, in announcing the creation of the new fund. “The horrific consequences of systemic racism are all too evident. People across our community, our commonwealth and around the world have taken to the streets to protest.”

“Many of our friends and neighbors are looking for ways to take action,” continued Taylor. “They want to fund projects and organizations that fight for equity and advance true justice, and we want to grow charitable giving to address these issues by directing resources to projects and organizations working to make Lexington a more just and equitable community.”

An advisory committee of local leaders, co-chaired by Lisa Higgins-Hord, assistant vice president for Community Engagement at the University of Kentucky, and Dr. Tiffany Daniels, D.C., owner of Chiropractic Care of Lexington, determine how to achieve the greatest good through grantmaking.

“There is a passionate movement transcending our nation with millions of people of all races calling for change. We hear their cries. The generous expressions of support from donors across the state of Kentucky have been heartfelt. I am honored to co-chair this initiative, and I look forward to working with the committee to devise programs that will foster an inclusive environment in Lexington.”

Dr. Tiffany Daniels, Co-Chair

“Across our nation and globe, we are bearing witness to human beings speaking out against racial injustice and boldly challenging our systems to be reformed. We are moving beyond the calls to rewrite community leaders’ and organizations’ scripts of empathetic mourning and newly adopted policies. What we seek is action and accountability. I am honored to co-chair this fund because it is a direct investment into Black communities, and it is our expectation it will yield a positive impact. We have work to do, and a talented group of committee leaders ready to identify ways in which this fund can be a part of creating sustainable, healthy and vibrant Black communities.”

Lisa Higgins-Hord, Co-Chair

The charitable fund has two component parts. The first allows donors to support immediate needs; while the second component, a permanent endowment, will provide resources in perpetuity to advance the mission of the Initiative. The immediate needs component was launched with a combined gift of $100,000 from three donors: the Thomson R. Bryant Jr. and Betty R. Bryant Fund at BGCF, Knight Foundation Donor Advised Charitable Fund at BGCF and the Community Foundation. An additional gift of $100,000 from the Jenna and Matthew Mitchell Family Foundation at BGCF doubled the immediate needs funding to $200,000.

“The Community Foundation has a deep, abiding commitment to investing in initiatives that make our community more equitable for everyone,” said Lisa Adkins, president/CEO of BGCF. “Justice does not occur on its own. It requires vigilance, healing and hard work. BGCF is committed to advancing this essential work.”


Blue Grass Community Foundation
Attn: Lexington Black Prosperity Initiative
499 E. High Street #112
Lexington, KY 40507 

  • Donor Advised Fund: When requesting the grant online, click the “Grant To a Fund at BGCF” option and then use the dropdown menu to select “Lexington Black Prosperity Initiative.”

BGCF can facilitate other types of donations, including donations from donor advised funds and stock transfers. For questions about making a charitable donation, please contact [email protected].


The work of the Lexington Black Prosperity Initiative has been made possible by thousands of generous community and corporate donors, including:

Jenna + Matthew Mitchell Family Foundation at BGCF

Thomson R. Bryant Jr. and Betty R. Bryant Fund at BGCF

Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund at BGCF

Chester and Ann Grundy