The idea is simple. You give $365— a dollar a day— to make our community better. You pool those daily dollars with others. Then, once a year, you decide together which organizations you want to receive grants.

An initiative of Blue Grass Community Foundation, BGCF365 unites and informs emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on Fayette County. BGCF365 is for givers of all ages who want to make Lexington a better place to work, live and play for all!

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BGCF365 membership has voted, and the BGCF365 grant theme for 2022-2023 is YOUTH DEVELOPMENT + WELLNESS: programs that foster the resiliency, safety, connectedness, physical health, mental health, and overall wellbeing of children and youth (birth to age 22) in Fayette County!

By February 1, BGCF365 will start accepting nonprofit proposals that advance the theme. Then at our April annual meeting, the three nonprofit finalists will present their program proposals and BGCF365 membership will vote on how the grants are awarded: third place will receive $2,500, second place will receive $7,500, and first place will win a $15,000 grant!

Get involved by joining BGCF365 (or renewing your membership) and making plans to attend our next event on February 23 — where we’ll hear from local experts on issues affecting today’s youth, so we can make a more informed and impactful decision on how to allocate grant dollars. More details to come!

BGCF365 Winter Event!
Thursday, February 23
5:30 – 7:30pm
AppHarvest Kitchen at Greyline Station

Nonprofits interested in submitting a grant proposal: go here for more details and application instructions!


Your annual membership contribution is split equally into two pools. One half is used for immediate grantmaking, decided on collectively by BGCF365 members. The other half builds the BGCF365 Endowment, which serves as a perpetual charitable asset to provide grantmaking resources for generations to come.

Each year, BGCF365 hosts networking/educational events, and an annual grantmaking event where the members decide how to allocate their grantmaking. Since 2017, BGCF365 has awarded $125,000 in grants to Lexington nonprofits!

Join BGCF365 any time during the year pay paying $30 per month or with a one-time payment of $365. Or, become a Lifetime Member with a one-time gift of $3,650.


In total, BGCF365 has awarded $125,000 in grants to Lexington nonprofits! Read more about the grants awarded since 2017:

2021 Grants: Healthy Neighborhoods

On March 16, BGCF365 awarded five grants totaling $25,000 to nonprofits working to make Fayette County a healthier place for all.

  • Refuge Clinic was awarded $10,000 to provide dental, medical and mental healthcare for uninsured or underinsured individuals in Fayette County living at 200% or below federal poverty guidelines. The grant from BGCF365 will bridge the gap for lab services, pharmaceuticals, wraparound services and medical and dental supplies for Refuge Clinic patients.
  • E7 Kids Cafe was awarded $7,500 to fund its afterschool enrichment program located in Westminster Village. The program provides meals, tutoring and STEAM activities four days a week, offering qualifying students at Picadome Elementary a safe place to eat, play, learn and grow after school.
  • $2,500 Grants: Children’s Law Center, God’s Pantry Food Bank, Lexington Rescue Mission

2020 Grants: Arts + Culture

On January 21, 2021, BGCF365 met virtually to award five grants totaling $25,000 to Lexington nonprofits delivering creative arts programming in innovative ways during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 Grants: Green Spaces + Public Places

On January 8, 2020, BGCF365 awarded five grants totaling $25,000 to nonprofits working on green spaces and public places in Fayette County.

  • North Limestone Community Development Corporation was awarded $10,000 to support the expansion of the Night Market, a monthly pop-up street art and craft fair.
  • LexArts received $7,500 to beautify the Booker Street side of the Black and Williams building with a community mural.
  • The Lexington Public Library Foundation received $2,500 to create an enclosed outdoor playspace on the back porch of the Northside Branch Library, free and open to everyone in our community.
  • LFUCG Greenspace Trust received $2,500 for the Dantzler Court project to establish a replicable model for a community-driven process to enhance access and activity in the 800+ underutilized neighborhood green spaces owned by the City of Lexington.
  • Seedleaf received $2,500 to erect self-guided education stations with signage, seating and a bike rack at the Seedleaf community farm, an educational growing space that highlights the possibilities of small-scale urban agriculture for sustainable local food production in an economically and culturally diverse community.

2018 Grants: Education

In 2018, BGCF365 awarded five grants totaling $25,000 to nonprofits focused on education in Fayette County.

  • One Parent Scholar House received $10,000 for its One Parent Scholar House School Preparedness for Children project, to instill enthusiasm for learning and ensure that each child in the Child Development Center has books, art supplies, Creative Curriculum educational materials necessary for kindergarten readiness.
  • The Lexington Public Library Foundation received $5,000 for the Destination Kindergarten project, to prepare children for academic success by delivering early education services throughout Fayette County with this new early literacy initiative.
  • Partnership for Successful Schools received $5,000 for the One to One: Practicing Reading with Students project. One to One recruits and trains volunteers to become literacy coaches and mentors in support of struggling readers throughout their elementary school years.
  • Living Arts and Science Center received $2,500 for the Science Explorers: Expanding Opportunities for Students and Families program, to strengthen and expand the Science Explorers after-school program for low-income and minority students in grades 3 – 5 by increasing participation of students and their families in family programs, and piloting a summer camp for Science Explorers students.
  • Midway University received $2,500 for the PATH (Providing Academic Transitions to Higher Education) Mentoring Program. The PATH mentoring Program was created to facilitate the pathway to higher education by inspiring leadership skills by fostering school and community involvement. This academic year-long program motivates and prepares female minority students to obtain a post-secondary degree.

2017 Grants: Healthy Neighborhoods

In 2017, BGCF365 awarded five grants totaling $25,000 to nonprofits focused on creating healthy neighborhoods across Fayette County.

  • Natalie’s Sisters received $10,000 for its Healthy Food for the Sexually Exploited program. Grant funding helped support the purchase of healthy meals and snacks for sexually exploited women who visited its Drop-In Center.
  • Common Good Community Development Corporation received $7,500 for its Nourishing North Lexington program. Funding helped support healthy food options, nutrition education, and formal recreational activities for participants in Common Good’s after school program.
  • God’s Pantry Food Bank received $2,500 to support the free food pantry at Leestown Middle School.
  • Kentucky CancerLink received $2,500 to conduct cancer screenings for uninsured/underserved Fayette County residents and facilitate the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking classes.
  • Radio Eye received $2,500 to support health and disability programming, as well as fitness shows broadcast by Radio Eye for the benefit of Fayette county residents who cannot comfortably hold print material because of blindness, viusla or physical disability, or learning difference.