The idea is simple. You give $365— a dollar a day— to make our community better. You pool those daily dollars with others. Then, once a year, you decide together which organizations you want to receive $30,000 in total grants.

An initiative of Blue Grass Community Foundation, BGCF365 unites and informs emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on Fayette County. BGCF365 is for givers of all ages who want to make Lexington a better place to work, live and play for all!


Upcoming Events

BGCF365 Summer Social

Join us for the BGCF365 Summer Social at Thursday Night Live in downtown Lexington on July 11!

Come together with fellow and future BGCF365 members for an evening of fun, networking and community spirit. Enjoy live music, cool drinks and great company as we celebrate summer in the heart of Lexington.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with old friends and make new ones. See you there!

THE FINALS! 2023 – 2024 Grantmaking Cycle Results

BGCF365 members met at The Melodeon for The Finals, our annual grantmaking meeting, on May 8. We heard project pitches from three Lexington nonprofits and voted on how to award $30,000 in total grants:

First Place $15,000 Grant Winner: Marafiki Center

Second Place $10,000 Grant Winner: Jubilee Jobs of Lexington

Third Place $5,000 Grant Winner: Greenhouse17


Your annual membership contribution is split equally into two pools. One half is used for immediate grantmaking, decided on collectively by BGCF365 members. The other half builds the BGCF365 Endowment, which serves as a perpetual charitable asset to provide grantmaking resources for generations to come.

Each year, BGCF365 hosts networking/educational events, and an annual grantmaking event where the members decide how to allocate $30,000 in total grants. Since 2017, BGCF365 has awarded $150,000 in grants to Lexington nonprofits!

Join BGCF365 any time during the year pay paying $30 per month or with a one-time payment of $365. Or, become a Lifetime Member with a one-time gift of $3,650.


In total, BGCF365 has awarded $180,000 in grants to Lexington nonprofits! Read more about the grants awarded since 2017:

BGCF365 A-Team

The BGCF365 Advisory Team is a group of dynamic, local leaders who provide guidance on the programming of BGCF365, review grant proposals and advocate on behalf of BGCF365 membership.

  • Katie Bouvier, Sturgill Turner
  • Gentry Collins, Stites & Harbison
  • Maya Brown, KET
  • Madeline Flynn, Ballast Inc.
  • Abby Johnson, Climate Group
  • Phil Jun
  • Louie Kessinger, Baird
  • Emily Lane, AMR Management Services
  • Harper Michael, Kentucky Chamber Foundation
  • Christian Motley, Results for America
  • John Stein, White Oak Commercial Real Estate
  • Lili Williams, Stoll Keenon Ogden

If you’d like to get more involved with BGCF365 and join the A-Team, contact Lauren Parsons or fill out this form.