Boyle County Community Fund

Boyle County Community Fund

Boyle County Community Fund

Boyle County Community Fund

What is A
Community Fund?

The Community Fund is a permanent charitable resource designed to support local causes and organizations. Through individual donations – large and small – a local advisory board is able to make grants to meet the needs and vision of the community. We partner with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to make Boyle County a better place to live, learn, work and play.

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Spotlight: Doing Good
In Boyle County

Every year the shiny Lottie Ellis Book Mobile travels the winding roads of Boyle County making more than fifty stops a week at schools, nursing homes, community centers and churches. It’s a welcome event for hundreds of hungry readers who can’t make it to the Danville Public Library.

The book mobile is named for a Danville native who loved to read, and who, in her declining years, relied solely on a book mobile for her reading materials. In accordance with Lottie’s wishes, an advisory board composed of Boyle County residents reviews applications and recommends awards. Over $179,000 in gifts has been awarded to her cherished Boyle County Library.

One of the first things the library did upon receiving its grants was to renovate and rename its aging mobile library. The Boyle County Library’s book mobile has since been renovated and re-named the Lottie Ellis Book Mobile.


"Our mission is to provide resources and to create an awareness of avenues of giving that enhance the lives of all residents of Boyle County especially those that are financially, physically, or mentally, challenged."

Morton Hougland, Chair- Lottie Ellis Advisory Board

Board of

  • Shelley bigelow, chair
  • Stuart Harper
  • Morton M. Hoagland

  • Rami Little
  • Tammy McDonald
    Alethea Price
  • dr. aaron rowland


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